tuloy lang at makibasa...

Monday, August 11, 2008

mIsTaKeN iDeNtiTy

He stood in that corner, clear and sane
thinking of things they used to do
and the revels they used to share.
But then, life is so unfair that it ended up in pain.

A mother and a child
Love each other, so tender and mild
One hug from her makes his day complete,
One kiss from him makes she feel elite

Yet unlike all other relationships
that last a lifetime,
Theirs did not, for it ended up
in a pitiful crime.

For when the time he met this white crystalline peer
everything has changed on him, dear.
His world revolved in a wink of an eye
and things become new and different, but to goodbye.

This white crystalline powder which he thought a friend
brought him to depth of misery and pain.
Never had it brought him good deeds
nor companions ahead
for it gave him the feelings of superiority and vanity.

Obnoxious him, they say.
Hence no one wants to be his colleague
But for him, it’s fun to hear those hearsays
for it feels him hooligan in town.

In a sudden, this very day come.
Mother came in his room and did her everyday spell
It was hooey as it was,
and had always brought him to ennui.

She stood with arms akimbo
Wearing a turban in red and tattling non-stop.
Her voice, aloud and yet mellow
can be heard in the four corners of his room so stuff.

That voice, on the other hand
without thinking twice, goad him to action at command.
For him, she’s an enemy to reckon
Hence he sallied fourth against her
and stabbed her to death like a freshly sliced bacon

“Wheeng, wheeng, wheeng…”
Here comes the cop.
And when the investigations come
it voice out a hideous revelation...

“I didn’t mean to kill her
but she tattles and gnashing
like an insane, untame and savage
Big Black Wolf with eyes brilliant in red,” he uttered.

The investigators, out of findings,
was shocked by what he had stated.
‘Coz at the back where the woman stands ere her death,
was his huge black jacket hanging on the wall.