tuloy lang at makibasa...

Monday, July 25, 2011

      The night remains gloomy as it is for the past three weeks. Silence engulfs the whole town. The wind whispers its lamentations to the trees. Night birds cry in unison with the whining of wolves and laughter of bats. Their noises grow louder as they feel the evil's presence.
       Aroma of death once more spread like plague dominating the whole town. Distorted shadows appear one by one. Minutes from now their legion will be completed. Minutes from now, nightmare will again reign.
       In the nook of the street, a being leans against an oblique wall. He seems hiding and scared of something. He shivers with knees trembling and hair standing on ends every time he glimpses on that structure.
       Nil can be seen but this structure built in the midst of the town that frightens every creature. 
      The scaffold, built in the open space framed with huge timbers and venomous rope will be the hub of attraction any moment now.
      And he, a pale and shabby looking soul, is now waiting in the loud weeps of the odd shadows as they transform entirely into dreadful characters.

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