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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A sister's Concession

Lately, I have not saved anything... 
I have not saved any amount, even a quarter of my salary. Nothing’s left. Nil.
I do not know why, though I know when it started. 

I rarely do the grocery. I often sleep and stay home the next days after payday.
I occasionally hand cash to mother. I do not even transfer funds to my other bank accounts and yet naught left in my payroll account.
I do not recall in particular how I waste my hard-earned money. 
All I know is I am currently materializing my plans of completing our household appliances including but not limited to personal gadgets and school equipments of my siblings. 

I feel good seeing them happy with their school related tools being completed.
I am satisfied seeing mother using her brand new clothes cleaning machine.
I smile to the fullest using my latest digital camera with flattering 8 by 16 mega pixels specs.
And it is cloud nine whenever I fulfill my siblings’ requests and favors.

Now, can I rest? Bet not.

Location: Training Room One
Mood: Troubled Tummy


wala ka na sa main stream
puro ka pa fake scream
pati pa sa underground
hindi ka makarebound

kausap mo sarili
laging sinisisi
kumakapit sa panulat
wala kang kaibigan
mayro'n kang kaaway

sinisi pa ang dota
puro ka rin nota
puno naman ng bota binabaha mong kota