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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A sister's Concession

Lately, I have not saved anything... 
I have not saved any amount, even a quarter of my salary. Nothing’s left. Nil.
I do not know why, though I know when it started. 

I rarely do the grocery. I often sleep and stay home the next days after payday.
I occasionally hand cash to mother. I do not even transfer funds to my other bank accounts and yet naught left in my payroll account.
I do not recall in particular how I waste my hard-earned money. 
All I know is I am currently materializing my plans of completing our household appliances including but not limited to personal gadgets and school equipments of my siblings. 

I feel good seeing them happy with their school related tools being completed.
I am satisfied seeing mother using her brand new clothes cleaning machine.
I smile to the fullest using my latest digital camera with flattering 8 by 16 mega pixels specs.
And it is cloud nine whenever I fulfill my siblings’ requests and favors.

Now, can I rest? Bet not.

Location: Training Room One
Mood: Troubled Tummy


wala ka na sa main stream
puro ka pa fake scream
pati pa sa underground
hindi ka makarebound

kausap mo sarili
laging sinisisi
kumakapit sa panulat
wala kang kaibigan
mayro'n kang kaaway

sinisi pa ang dota
puro ka rin nota
puno naman ng bota binabaha mong kota

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

2011 State of the Nation Address of Pres Noy Aquino (an excerpt)

And to my beloved countrymen, my Bosses:

Over the years, the wang-wang had come to symbolize abuse of authority.They had no right to do this.
Do you want the corrupt held accountable? So do I. Do you want to see the end of wang-wang, both on the streets and in the sense of entitlement that has led to the abuse that we have lived with for so long? So do I. Do you want to give everyone a fair chance to improve their lot in life? So do I.

We have fought against the wang-wang, and our efforts have yielded results.
"As for business, who would have thought that the stock market would reach seven record highs in the past year?"
"Today we can see that our taxes are going where they should, and therefore there is no reason not to pay the proper taxes."
"We do not wish to increase tensions with anyone, but we must let the world know that we are ready to protect what is ours." 
"Let us stop pulling our fellow man down. Let us put an end to our crab mentality. Let us make the effort to recognize the good that is being done."
"Let us end the culture of negativism; let us uplift our fellow Filipinos at every opportunity."
"If you see something right, do not think twice—praise it." 

Monday, July 25, 2011

isa ito sa mga pinakapaborito at hinahangaan kong tula:

Lahat ng Hindi Ko Kailangang Malaman, Natutunan Ko sa Pelikulang For Adults Only
ni Jose F. Lacaba
(mula sa kalipunan ng Edad Medya: Mga Tula sa Katanghaliang Gulang)

Marumi ang pulitiko, pero malinis ang budhi
ng puta.
Ipokrito ang pari, pero may ginintuang puso
ang puta.
Nagpapaaral ng kapatid na magpapari
ang puta.
Namumutiktik sa putang ina at anak ng puta ang malaswang bibig
ng puta.
Nalululong sa droga ang anak
ng puta.
Ayaw ng putang ina na ang anak niyang babae’y masadlak
sa pagpuputa.
Ang unang tikim sa luto ng Diyos ay ipinapatikim
ng puta.
Bukas ang simbahan kahit madaling-araw tuwing magdadasal
ang puta.
Nagbubulungan ang mga manang na nakakasalubong
ng puta.
Ginahasa ng tiyuhin ang puta kung kaya siya
Talak ng kahirapan kung kaya nagputa
ang puta.
Hindi nagpapahalik sa labi
ang puta.
Kapwa puta ang mga kabarkada
ng puta.
Magandang lalaki ang nag-aalay ng tapat na pag-ibig
sa puta.
Masungit na ina ng magandang lalaki ang nag-aalok ng pera para lumayo
ang puta.
Kung binabaril ang bidang lalaki, yumayakap at tinatamaan
ang puta.
Tanging kamatayan ang tutubos at magpapatawad sa kaputahan
ng puta.
Sigaw ng puta: Pare-pareho naman tayong

      The night remains gloomy as it is for the past three weeks. Silence engulfs the whole town. The wind whispers its lamentations to the trees. Night birds cry in unison with the whining of wolves and laughter of bats. Their noises grow louder as they feel the evil's presence.
       Aroma of death once more spread like plague dominating the whole town. Distorted shadows appear one by one. Minutes from now their legion will be completed. Minutes from now, nightmare will again reign.
       In the nook of the street, a being leans against an oblique wall. He seems hiding and scared of something. He shivers with knees trembling and hair standing on ends every time he glimpses on that structure.
       Nil can be seen but this structure built in the midst of the town that frightens every creature. 
      The scaffold, built in the open space framed with huge timbers and venomous rope will be the hub of attraction any moment now.
      And he, a pale and shabby looking soul, is now waiting in the loud weeps of the odd shadows as they transform entirely into dreadful characters.