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Sunday, March 14, 2010

My Call, My Affair (XboX Scripting)

Thank you for choosing me as your lover.
You treat me yours and I treat you mine.
And how may I please you today?

Oh, I am so sorry to hear that I'm losing you as a partner.
But don't worry, I'll be bitter in assisting you in this cancellation.
May I know the reason why you want to remove me in your life?

Let me just confirm, you want to turn off this love 'coz you're migrating to another lover?
If I may ask, didn't you enjoy your stay with me?
Have I given you connectivity issues for us to end as easy as this?
Are there any charges you blame on me?

Anyway, I'm glad I have given you everything you wanted,
though I'm really sorry to hear that you have been compromised BY someone else,
or should I say, WITH someone else.
Well, yes, I'm certain that this love doesn't warrant a lifetime affair
though I am firm we can still recover this game of love.

And instead of transferring your affection to another attention,
why not just take advantage of setting this attachment to a "bestfriend with benefits commitment?"
Where in we're merely friends but we act like lovers
or the best I can offer you is for us to be prepaid connected as latent friends, sounds good?

Oh, I see! I really feel bad you already made up your mind
and rather stay in discontinuing this relationship.
But anyway, thank you for connecting and coming in my life.
I enjoyed your phony love and had a great life with you through gold and silver.

Oh, just to let you know, I'm very aware of this love's terms and conditions that change is constant,
that each affair comes to an end, if it's not meant to be locked by Him.

For now, I guess we're all set.
I'll be better, a little bitter, but certainly will be over you..soon.
Thank you. And have a good life.

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